Johnny’s Mantra

Slit wrists paint horrid pictures.

Noosed necks sing nasty songs.

Fallen angels create a lovely mess.

Laughter echoes when he’s gone.


Published by

Pretty Words for Ugly Thoughts

I'm the red-faced conductor of a mangled train of thought.

8 thoughts on “Johnny’s Mantra”

  1. This is a beautiful expression of the ugliness that is inside. Poetic indeed! DO NOT die and keep writing!! You are owning your truth. Sometimes the truth is ugly for ALL of us! What I hope for is for someone to except me the way I am and I do not get to have that very often. I am an excepting audience who understands that life is not always tied up with a perfect bow. Wishing you the best!

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    1. Thank you so much. This is the best thing I’ve ever written, and probably ever will write.
      I’m happy to have another to find beauty in the pain and suffering and hopelessness and why the fuck am I here(s) and the poetry that’s vital to maintain and excel and rebel and I don’t know…I’m drunk again.
      You’re a special kind of special. Thank you.

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