Johnny’s Big Bang Theory

“Our universe,

                        all universes,

will implode once every thought has been exhausted.

                                               A single being,

                        maybe an alien,

                                                  will manifest our universe’s final thought,

causing the synapse

                                  which received the final signal

to collapse in on in on itself,

                   creating a mini blackhole that devours our universe in an instant

—then bang,

                         a new universe is created from the being’s consciousness

                                                   who destroyed the previous.”


Published by

Pretty Words for Ugly Thoughts

I'm the red-faced conductor of a mangled train of thought.

10 thoughts on “Johnny’s Big Bang Theory”

  1. I like to imagine that Johnny IS the alien, and he’s sitting on some stoop with a Marlboro in his hand snickering away at the sheer fuckery of us, and you somehow got to be the only human being who knows our fate. Which makes Johnny die of laughter because YOU were the chosen one. And when we’ve exhausted all thought, he brings you back to watch the end and says…

    “Take a look, B. For once, you will know what it is to have the Universe revolve around you. But you know how this goes… You are one of the many who struggles with having nice things. So… let’s watch it implode.”

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    1. Your comments bless my posts. I need a way to highlight them. A way for them to pop up as a disclaimer. A way for people to see your comment first, then go to your page, then return back to mine.
      This comment, again, is better than my actual post.
      I love your scene–I can see it perfectly in my head.
      Or, maybe, Johnny’s a god, and the stoop is the event horizon of a blackhole, and instead of Marlboros, he snatches the Oumuamua asteroid from space, lights it up using the sun, and smokes it like a cosmic joint.

      Sorry again for taking a bit to respond :).


      1. Ha!!! How about you just keep my words for yourself, and if you’re ever in need of a pick me up (or rather a mind trip not brought on by your other vices), read these comments.

        Don’t let anyone take words meant for a twisted mind like yours. My gift to you.

        And your image of Johnny…. FAR MORE APPROPRIATE! I love it.

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